It all started when company founder Tammy Laverty was asked to sing the national anthems at an NHL hockey game for her hometown Ottawa Senators. She had a custom dress made out of a hockey jersey to wow the crowd and wear something different. Well it worked! Since her appearance the dress has gained tremendous popularity and in turn Laverty Designs Inc. was founded to produce the dresses and generate the high demand they have garnered!

Laverty Designs Inc Sports Jersey Dresses are now available in Real Sports Apparel downtown Toronto right beside ACC; in Vancouver at the Canucks store at Rogers Centre and all the suite hostesses at Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa all now have the Heritage Jersey Dress as their main uniform for all Senators home games. The in arena host for the Los Angeles Kings also sports our KINGS dress when covering some home games!

The "Sports Jersey Dress" is unique in the sense that it gives women the opportunity to wear something fun and more particularly "flattering" to cheer on their favorite team.

It doesn't just stop at hockey, in the near future we plan on branching out to other leagues as well including Major League Baseball, National Football League, and more...